All about ENT UPHF the UPHF digital work portal

The arrival of theInternet has created upheaval in many sectors of activity, and particularly in education. Indeed, many universities have set up platforms. The UPHF ENT, a tool of the Université Polytechnique haut de France, falls into this category.

What is the UPHF ENT?

ENT UPHF is simply a digital workspace created by the Université Polytechnique Haut de France. This space has been designed for the students, teachers and administrative staff of this major university.

Thanks to this space, every user can have the resources they need for their business. This contributes to the smooth running of the university. To access ENT UPHF, all you need is an Internet connection. You will also need a password and username to log in to the platform. ENT UPHF provides access to some particularly useful services.

Why use this digital workspace?

The UPHF ENT has been designed to facilitate information sharing. In fact, the tool enables the various members of the university to access a large amount of information very easily.

In times of a health pandemic, this digital space has become an essential tool for continuing educational activities. It’s also worth remembering that the UPHF ENT saves students, lecturers and university administrative staff precious time.

What services and features does ENT UPHF offer?

It is crucial to specify that the various functions and services offered by the UPHF digital space are regulated. Anyone who has access to this area has therefore undertaken to comply with these regulations.

For example, all users are prohibited from abusing the services offered by ENT UPHF. Users who break this rule will be penalized. Penalties can be disciplinary and/or criminal.

The UPHF digital space offers a wide range of services. This French university’s information system makes life a lot easier for its users.

This can be explained by the variety of services offered by ENT UPHF. Among the functionalities available in this digital space, there is an e-mail service.

Any user of this digital space can also access a wide range of documents. The UPHF ENT designers have created a personal space for each user.

Whether you’re a student, teacher or member of the administration, you have a place to store information. You can also share this information with other users of the digital space.

Users of the digital platform can thereforeexchange course materials, tests and other information relating to the university’s teaching activities. Everything has been designed to make exchanges between the different users of the UPHF ENT easy. These users can exchange professional tools such as agendas and many others.

ENT UPHF also provides users with an electronic document management system. With this tool, you can manage all kinds of departmental or internal administrative documents.

The digital workspace also lets you manage your schedule. Thanks to ENT UPHF, you can access essential documents, exam results and all other types of administrative documents.

Using ENT UPHF, it’s easy to get any information about a student’s course. You’ll also find detailed information in thedirectory.

It’s important to remember that the digital workspace has other functions in addition to those mentioned here. These services are available in two ways. In this way, you can access the system in either connected or anonymous mode.

Anonymous mode

This mode allows you to activate your Sesame account. Thanks to this mode, you can have a list of helpers. In addition, you’ll have a complete list of the university restaurants and cafeterias available. This feature also gives you access to all tutorials. You can use this feature to recover your password or login. Using these accesses, you’ll be able to connect to and view all the social networks of the French university.

Connected mode

This mode is much more extensive, giving you access to all your account details. Using this mode, you also have the option of accepting the SMS service. You can also bookmark the services you use most often.

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