All about My Digital Office

What is Mon Bureau Numérique?

My Digital Office is an online workspace that came into being on September1, 2018. This space is still known by the acronym ENT, which stands for Espace Numérique de Travail. Since it went online, it has been available in secondary schools throughout the Grand Est region.

This digital space is designed to welcome all players in the education system. The space, which remains stable and user-friendly, can therefore be used by teachers, students, their parents and all other school workers (high schools, colleges and universities).

My Digital Office offers a wide range of tools for students. This space enables users, especially learners, to find educational content. They can also use the space for sharing, teamwork, personal tasks and much more.

This digital space has come into being thanks to the combined efforts of two ministries: the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education. The Grand Est region and its ten départements have also contributed to the creation of this digital space.

My Digital Office can be represented by the following figures. Firstly, the ten départements that make up the Grand Est region are: Bas-Rhin, Ardennes, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Vosges, Haute-Marne, Aube, Haut-Rhin, Moselle, Marne, Meuse.

This digital space involves three academies. These are: Académie de Reims, Académie de Strasbourg and Académie de Nancy Metz. There are almost 700 schools in the district, including lycées and collèges. Finally, Mon Bureau Numérique also includes 1,000,000 applications, and the participation of the Direction régionale de l’alimentation, l’agriculture et de la forêt (DRAAF).

What is the role of a Digital Workspace (DWS)?

The Espace Numérique de Travail (ENT) was created to facilitate access to educational digital content for a range of players. These are: school staff, teachers, students and their parents.

ENT remains a useful tool for accessing a wide range of information. Using this area, you’ll have access to class and course schedules, catering, timetables, boarding and much more.

This space gives you, as a parent, precise information about your child. This way, you’ll know what tasks your child has completed in class and what he or she needs to do at home.

Other information is also available, such as absences and lateness, and details of grades obtained. The school will give you access at the beginning of the year to connect to the digital platform.


What are the advantages of the Mon Bureau Numérique digital workspace?

ENT remains a very useful tool for sharing resources between the various players in the education system. When it’s not possible for students to visit their schools, ENT takes on its full importance.

This digital platform enables students and teachers to maintain the flow of most educational activities. An absent student can follow the same lessons as his or her classmates using a simple Internet connection.

When a teacher is confined, he or she can be given a rest period before resuming lessons. In this case, he can use the digital platform to teach from a distance.

ENT gives students access to the multimedia services they need. This digital platform facilitates the regulation of all teaching activities. It also ensures better use of educational resources.

The digital platform also provides administrative, cooperation and coordination services. My Digital Office is a tool that benefits students in a number of ways.

The primary advantage of this tool for students is the ease with which they can manipulate various resources remotely. With an Internet connection, they can use e-mail, a diary or a textbook.

ENT also enables students to go beyond their traditional university education by taking courses and doing homework on a computer.

This space offers students a certain amount of freedom. These learners have at their disposal a real virtual office through which they can manage various educational resources such as: calendar, timetable and grades.

My Digital Office facilitates exchanges between students by sharing tools. Communication between parents and schools is also strengthened thanks to this digital space.

Teachers and parents can easily follow the progress of learners’ educational activities. This digital space can be summed up in three words: autonomy, knowledge and communication.

How do I install My Digital Office?

Mon Bureau Numérique is an online platform that remains accessible on smartphones. On this type of equipment, it is possible to take advantage of the mainENT functionalities.

This gives you access to textbooks, timetables, assessments and the presence of the various players in the education system.

Using your smartphone, you can access this information without having to enter your identification codes each time. Even when your smartphone is not connected to the Internet, it’s possible to get all this information. Once you log in again, the digital platform will update the information.

To take advantage of this digital space on your phone, follow the steps below. First, go to your ENT, then to the “Preferences” tab.

At this point, you need to download My Digital Office. You can download the tool via Google Play or iTunes, depending on whether you own an Android or iPhone smartphone.

If the device you’re using is not your phone, you can press the “You don’t have your phone” button. In doing so, you’ll have to check a QR code.

After this step, you need to return to the ENT main page. At this point, select the ” Activate your access ” option. You’ll need to authenticate yourself by entering the code given by the application.


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