Embellish your shop window in 3 different ways

To attract customers, you need to look after the appearance of your shop window. The appearance of your store window is the first thing customers notice about your store. In other words, the shop window is the perfect weapon of seduction. To catch the eye of your targets, it’s a good idea to decorate this part of your business. Here are some best practices for improving the visibility of your business premises through window decoration.

The example of window decals

Window stickers are a widely used marketing tool for companies. It is used as a communication and advertising medium. The aim of window decals is to make your company and your products or services known to the target audience. All you need to do is stick stickers on the windows for advertising purposes. However, you’ll need to call in a professional to apply and print the stickers: for example, click here to find a specialist in personalized window stickers.

Whether for a one-off offer or as a permanent decoration for your shop window, vitrophanie is the ideal technique. Window glazing can also be used to maintain the confidentiality of your offices, while letting light into the room. Glass offices are transformed into rooms beautifully decorated with personalized stickers. These provide a degree of intimacy to the rooms, while still allowing daylight to shine through.

Note: the choice of adhesive depends on the substrate. For a curved surface, for example, opt for polymer adhesives.

Create a showcase for your business

Do you sell clothing, shoes or jewelry? To have an attractive window display, you need to take care of it and choose the right products to display. Focus on products of the moment by putting their price. That said, avoid overloading the window. Stage products so that customers can imagine themselves wearing them.

embellish your window display

You also need to show the depth of your store so that passers-by can have a look at it from the outside. Your window display will be an invitation to enter. Ideally, you need to leave a little mystery to titillate the customer’s curiosity to enter.

Another tip: respect the three-color rule (a major, an intermediate and a minor). The colors should represent those of your brand. However, you can always embellish with an eye-catching color such as red.

Posters for window display

The choice of posters must be strategic. For Black Friday, for example, you can put up a poster showing the promotions in your store. Display cases can hold a variety of posters:

  • your restaurant’s opening hours,
  • information on a commercial event,
  • daily menus for the restaurant,
  • promoting a product on sale,
  • mandatory community signage.

Choose a watertight display case to protect your posters from humidity and other climatic hazards. Ideally, your posters should be visible day and night. Also make it easy to change your visuals.

Paul Maillet

Paul Maillet

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