Filbanque CIC: what you need to know

The arrival of theInternet has forced banks to innovate to adapt to their customers’ needs. More and more customers are using their smartphones to access banking services. CIC has therefore decided to launch an online banking service called Filbanque. This solution enables you to manage your bank accounts remotely. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about Filbanque CIC.

What is Filbanque?

Filbanque is a banking service that enables customers to manage their accounts remotely and get advice. Thanks to Filbanque, the CIC bank can respond at any time to any problem its customers may have. The Filbanque banking service is available at any time from any connected device(smartphone, tablet, computer).

How does Filbanque work?

Filbanque is only available to CIC customers who have a bank account with this institution and have opted for this service. Filbanque comes in two versions. One of these versions is free, while the other is a premium version, so you have to pay to enjoy it.

If you have subscribed to this banking service, then it’s easy to access. To do this, enter your ID and PIN. This operation must be carried out on the CIC bank’s website or via the bank’sapplication.

Why use Filbanque?

CIC’s banking service makes life easier for its customers, as it allows you to consult and manage your usual transactions. You can carry out these operations from your customer area. All this is possible via a simple Internet connection, without having to visit a branch. Filbanque includes :

View your accounts online

With Filbanque, you can see the status of your account in real time. You can also access your bank statements via an Internet connection. You can have a complete breakdown of all your latest transactions on your various accounts. You can view debits, transfer orders, withdrawals, credit card payments and more.

Perform routine operations

Filbanque lets you carry out all kinds of banking operations at any time. From your space, you can :

  • Unblock your credit ;
  • Place a bank transfer order ;
  • Manage your credit cards ;
  • Or request a debit authorization ;

With Filbanque, these day-to-day operations become a breeze.

Practical services

With Filbanque, you can perform very useful operations such as: downloading your RIB/IBAN required for banking transactions, ordering cheques, credit applications, downloading an insurance certificate and many others.

Talk to your advisor

Contacting your advisor will be child’s play with Filbanque. Using this banking service, you can contact your advisor with any questions you may have about managing your accounts.

It is also possible to make an appointment with the advisor or send him or her documents. You can also access the advisor log in real time.

What are the different versions of Filbanque?

Filbanque is available in two versions, one free and the other paying.

The option included in your personal contract

This option is included in your banking contract. So you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for this service, just as you do for other banking services. You can then access the various functions.

The personal contract withdrawal option

This option is not included in your personal contract. It is therefore necessary to pay to access this option. This gives you access to the above-mentioned services.

However, you also benefit from additional banking services, such as the stock market order option. This feature is available from €1.50 per month. Other options such as Exchange, Payweb Card or Alerts can also be added.

What are the rates for each service?

Some services remain free, while others are chargeable. You don’t have to pay anything to consult your accounts. The same applies to transactions between accounts.

You can carry out external operations without any hindrance. Foreign exchange transactions are subject to a fee. It is necessary to pay €1.50 for currency exchange. The CIC bank offers a 50% discount for customers under the age of 25.

To benefit from SMS account alerts, it is useful to take out a monthly subscription. You’ll need to budget €1 per month for 5 alerts. If you wish to benefit from additional alerts, you will have to increase the price by €0.20 per alert. The Payweb Card service is useful for carrying out your online transactions in total security. You don’t have to pay a cent to access this service.

What are the advantages of Filbanque?

Easier management of your bank accounts

Filbanque makes it easy to manage your accounts without having to visit a branch. Once you’re logged in, you can get all your bank account information in real time.

With Filbanque, all you need is an Internet connection to carry out various operations, such as checking your accounts, making transfers and other banking transactions. Filbanque makes it easier for CIC customers to carry out all kinds of banking transactions.

A simplified interface

With Filbanque, CIC gives its customers access to a highly intuitive and ergonomic interface. Access to the various banking services is quick and easy, thanks to a simple connection.


Filbanque gives you access to certain services without having to pay a single cent. It’s important to remember that transfer orders cost €3.90 when made in a branch.

For a standing order, you must pay €7.50. With Filbanque, all these banking services are now free.

The exchange rate

The exchange rate represents the relationship between one currency and another. In concrete terms, if the exchange rate of the dollar against the euro is estimated at 1.30, then we can conclude that one euro is worth 1.30 dollars.

The notion of rate applies to all currencies. Obviously, the rate varies when the currencies taken into account are different. To evaluate your savings according to the country you’re in, it’s essential to use a currency converter.

To convert one currency into another, you can use Telexoo. It’s a totally free and reliable currency converter. In this short guide, we’ll introduce you to this tool.

Here, we’ll tell you who’s interested in using Telexoo. Then we’ll look back at the most frequently asked questions about this tool and provide some answers.

Why use Telexoo?

Telexoo is a company based in the Swiss capital, Geneva. The company’s mission is to provide its customers with an online currency converter.

The special feature of this Swiss company’s tool is its safety and reliability. It’s also worth remembering that Telexoo is a really easy-to-use tool. What’s more, this online currency converter offers a competitive rate for every currency.

The currency converter is safe and free. In addition, this online tool has other strengths:

  • It saves you money: for the simple reason that the exchange rate offered by this online tool is more advantageous than that of banks or bureaux de change. So you save on your transactions, whatever the currency.
  • Telexoo offers a high level of security for financial operations: every transaction carried out with this online tool is verified. This is to ensure everyone’s safety and comply with current regulations. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority monitors all transactions carried out by the online converter.
  • Operations with this tool are fast: with Telexoo, financial transactions are completed very quickly. This makes it easy to receive your funds in record time.
  • You can use Telexoo anywhere at any time: with this online converter, you’re not limited by opening and closing times. What’s more, you don’t have to visit a branch. This converter is completely free of charge. If you need an online converter, the best solution would be to contact Telexoo.

These are just some of the highlights of this online converter. It’s worth remembering, however, that this tool also offers other advantages. In fact, the online currency converter is aimed at a wide range of people.

Who can use the Telexoo currency converter?

Telexoo has been designed for different user profiles. It should be remembered that this tool can be used by private individuals. The Telexoo currency converter is also useful for businesses and SMEs. Cross-border commuters will be delighted to use this tool, which remains free and reliable.

One of Telexoo’s strong points is the feedback from customers who have tried the tool. Most customer reviews are simply excellent. Telexoo comes highly recommended by customers for its many strengths. Not all the advantages of this currency converter can be mentioned here. Nevertheless, the strong points of the tool that come up most often are: efficiency, simplicity and excellent service.

Frequently asked questions about Telexoo and the exchange rate

Most people have questions about currency converters and exchange rates. So if you have any concerns about these two issues, you should know that this is a normal thing.

Here, we’ll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about currency converters and exchange rates. Naturally, the questions and answers will focus more on the Telexoo online converter discussed in this guide.

Nevertheless, by reading the questions and the possible solutions, you’ll have more clarity and less fear about these subjects.

  • Is there a minimum amount for foreign currency payments? No, there is no upper or lower limit. You should therefore be aware that there is no maximum or minimum amount for foreign currency payments. In practice, currency payments can vary widely. In fact, foreign currency payments depend more on your needs. It should be remembered, however, that amounts can also be fixed. That’s why it’s a good idea to find out the maximum amount allowed. This check is necessary before seeking authorization from Telexoo.
  • Is the Telexoo site really secure? Telexoo’s online platform is totally secure. Indeed, the highest safety standards are observed on this online platform to guarantee your security. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you protect your personal data and password. Similarly, if you lose your personal information, contact the company immediately.
  • Is the data confidential? All information passing through Telexoo is confidential. However, due to money laundering or terrorist financing, Telexoo may be required to disclose certain information. This data will not be divulged to just anyone. It is important to remember that Telexoo only shares its data with the authorities. This is after a formal request has been made to the relevant authorities.

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