Freelance designers: protect your shipments

Customers usually call on freelance graphic artists, developers, designers or draftsmen to create a customized object or content. Whether it’s a technical or artistic creation, it’s important to protect it if it’s going to be sent out. As a freelance designer, you need to protect your shipments with quality packaging and choose the right means of delivery.

Find quality envelopes for your packaging

The best way to send finished artwork to your customers is in an envelope. It must be of very good quality to protect the items to be shipped. Online platforms like packdiscount. com offer a wide variety of envelopes and pouches for specific uses. Indeed, the envelope used to send an invitation will not be the same as for an invoice, a fragile object or a drawing. Whether plans, diagrams or logos, they can be inserted in semi-rigid envelopes to prevent them from being lost or damaged in transit.

quality envelopes

Made from polyethylene, these envelopes will resist all kinds of damage and tearing during shipping. They also feature siliconized paper for easy insertion and removal of documents. The self-adhesive closure is also very useful for securing the contents and making them tamper-proof. The contents remain safe from prying eyes until they reach their destination.

With so many different formats to choose from, it’s a good idea to determine in advance the envelope dimensions you need to ship your creation.

Which delivery service should I choose?

A delivery service is a service company thattransports parcels or mail from a supplier to a recipient. The latter may be an individual, a professional or a local authority. To carry out its mission properly, the service will select the most suitable vehicle according to the type of product, its size and the distance to be covered. In some cases, the recipient can also choose the service that suits him best. You’ll have a choice of delivery methods.

Express delivery

To respond effectively to urgent delivery requests, the express delivery service is the most recommended. The shipment is made as soon as possible, and the recipient receives the mail or parcel within minutes, hours or a day. This type of service is generally used for short distances. Scooters or light vehicles are the preferred means of transport. It’s the preferred method of dispatch for catering professionals, but also for businesses and self-employed people in emergency situations. However, the price is often quite high.

Home delivery

The majority of French people attach particular importance to home delivery. They frequently make this choice for delivery of online purchases. This means of delivery is usually made within a few days of the order being placed. The turnaround time is around 2 to 3 days, with very affordable prices and relatively fast service.

International delivery

International delivery involves the transport of mail, parcels or goods from one country to another. Special means of transport are used for this: train, boat or plane. Depending on the country, delivery can be made to your home or to a relay point. The disadvantage of this type of delivery is its high price, which varies according to the distance covered. What’s more, delivery times can be very long for shipments by train or boat.

Paul Maillet

Paul Maillet

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