How and why improve customer reviews?

There are a few things you may not know about customer reviews. They can take the form of comments, with or without notation. Although neglected by some companies, these returns have a major impact on your company’s image and development. So how do you get morepositive reviews ? There are many ways to encourage customers to leave feedback about your business: ask them when they buy something from you (or call you), send emails asking for their opinion – you name it! anything that encourages people to talk about how they feel about doing business with you !

Why collect customer reviews?

Obtaining customer reviews can be an excellent way of improving your online marketing strategy.

For your online reputation

The truth is that today, online reviews are one of the main factors influencing a company’s image and reputation. They therefore play a major role in purchasing decisions. Internet users are generally wary of brands or companies on whose sites there are no reviews – and we’re sure they’re not. whatever the quality of your products or services ! Potential customers want to know they’re on the verge of making the right choice when they look at a new product online.

To find reviews, customers look for them on your website or in your store. Some also use search engines directly, typing in “Reviews + your company name”. If they don’t find anything, they deduce that you’re not transparent and therefore unreliable.

On the other hand, if your website or social media pages are full of customer reviews, even from a single dissatisfied customer, new visitors and future customers will give your company more credibility.

Identify your best customers

Gathering customer reviews is essential for accessing lists of people satisfied with their experience. You can then offer them a benefit, such as a discount on future purchases, product exclusives or personalized goodies, to maintain the loyalty they’ve shown towards your company!

These actions can help you win over satisfied customers and attract new ones.

Countering bad buzz

If you don’t have any consumer reviews and an unhappy customer ends up posting a review about your products or services, you’ll be faced with an entirely negative situation. Your visitors will only keep the negative image of your company in their minds.

Regularly collecting customer reviewswhether positive or negative – can help you limit the impact of one or two bad reviews.

In addition, negative reviews can be an opportunity for you toimprove your service and increase customer satisfaction.

How to get the most customer reviews?

The best way to encourage your customers to leave a review is to solicit them. For example, you can ask for feedback after the purchase or if they visit a website’s guestbook, write reviews in an e-mail or mention it on social media. To encourage most of them to do so, offer rewards, such as lower prices for purchases on product pages featuring customer ratings and reviews (according to Google Analytics), free samples, discounts on future orders, prize draws with prizes to be won……

One way to simplify feedback is to make the collection system as simple as possible. You can do this with a simple mini-questionnaire or a short MCQ (multiple-choice questionnaire) followed by a short commentary at the end.

In addition, it’s important to respond to both positive and negative customer reviews. It’s as simple as that! It shows that you appreciate them, which can only be good for your company’s image.

The importance of customer reviews on the Internet

There are many advantages to obtaining customer reviews online. On the one hand, it enhances your company’s reputation by identifying the best customers and avoiding bad buzz. On the other hand, it allows you to gather feedback from other consumers who have interacted with your company, so you can make any necessary changes or improvements as quickly as possible.

Encourage your customers to share their experience by asking for their opinion every time, and offering a small reward if necessary. It’s important not to ignore feedback, whether negative or positive. Respond professionally to every customer, and if you don’t have the necessary skills, seek professional help.

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Marie Robin

Marie Robin

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