How can you keep your employees safe at work?

As an employer, you have a duty to ensure the safety of your employees. You are responsible for their health and safety in your workplace. To do this, you need to deploy the right resources to reduce or eliminate the risks they face on a daily basis. Here are a few tips on the strategies and equipment you can put in place to achieve this.

Implement a security policy

To ensure the safety of your employees, you need to draw up a security policy. The aim is to define the conduct to be adopted by workers and users to limit the risk of accidents, depending on the zone in which they find themselves.

Appropriate signage for enhanced safety

Once you’ve assessed the risks, you’ll need to determine how to counter them. In this case, you’ll need to implement measures such as the installation of signage: in this way, you can warn workers of the dangers they face. This signage, which you’ll find in professional stores like this one, will also tell them what attitude to adopt accordingly.

Inspect the workplace for potential hazards

To guarantee the health and safety of your employees, you also need to take account of technical developments in the workplace. This will help you avoid the dangers associated with these developments. Above all, regular inspections will help you optimize the resources deployed to ensure your employees’ well-being.

Provide the right personal protective equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is clothing and accessories designed to protect workers from occupational hazards. Their use complements compliance with measures to eliminate or reduce work-related risks.

To provide your employees with the right personal protective equipment, you need to refer to the risks identified in your hazard assessment. If your employees are exposed to chemicals, for example, protective clothing, gloves, respiratory masks, goggles and suitable footwear are required.

safety at work signs

Encourage employees to report unsafe conditions or practices

To protect your employees in the workplace, effective awareness is essential. You must therefore keep them informed of the risks to which they are exposed in the course of their duties, and remind them of the proper conduct to avoid accidents.

They should also be encouraged to report any changes in their workplace that put them at risk. Similarly, employees’ unsafe practices, which put them at greater risk of accidents, should not be ignored.

Raising your employees’ awareness is essential to ensuring their safety on a daily basis. However, simply stating safety rules is not enough to ensure that they are complied with. So you owe it to yourself to organize weekly or monthly safety meetings, to get a real feel for the reality on the ground. It’s also a simple way of becoming aware of the difficulties your workers face on a daily basis, with a view to finding effective solutions.

Paul Maillet

Paul Maillet

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