How can you protect your B2B applications?

Numerous applications have been developed to facilitate the exchange of information, goods and services in B2B (business-to-business) interactions. They are welcomed by all parties involved, not least for their practicality, efficiency and easy accessibility. However, these exchanges are accompanied by data whose use must be regulated and monitored to safeguard corporate integrity. For this reason, it’s important to find solutions capable of protecting B2B applications, and therefore the companies that use them.

Opt for 2FA and MFA strong authentication

Authentication is said to be strong when it involves at least two different factors for access to a resource. Before accessing the B2B application, the user must pass at least two levels of identification. This is known as 2FA strong identification. The term 3FA will be used to designate three levels or factors, and MFA(Multi-Factor Authentication) for a number of factors greater than three. If you’d like to find out more, click here to talk to a specialist in strong authentication to protect your data against cyber attacks.

What do we mean by identification factor or level? These may include :

  • password,
  • a fingerprint,
  • of a retinal print,
  • a secret phrase,
  • a USB key,
  • magnetic card,
  • voice recognition, etc.

These factors are the most widely used. There are others, more complex, such as geolocation (from locations previously defined as trusted addresses), the latest activities on social networks, or even the correlation of ambient noise between the phone and the computer.

protect b2b application strong authentication

Choose a VPN solution

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a system for creating a 100% secure connection via an encrypted virtual tunnel. Once installed on a computer, smartphone or tablet, the VPN application becomes a mandatory gateway for all data that needs to transit from the device to the Internet, and vice versa. The VPN can modify the IP address of the medium used, bypass the proxy and guarantee effective protection of the user’s online activity. It encrypts data exchanged between the user and the server. This means that the access provider cannot access this data.

A VPN solution is perfect for protecting data circulating via a B2B application. However, to take full advantage of the VPN’s power, make sure you choose a reliable one from a provider with a good reputation. Avoid companies that offer you prices that are too low, because if your VPN isn’t secure enough, it could itself be hacked.

Optimize identity and access management

This practice involves implementing solutions to ensure that individuals or entities with a digital identity have the right level of access to acompany’s various resources. These resources can be databases, network accounts, etc. Thanks to these identification solutions, IT managers can securely manage the digital identities and accreditation levels of people logging on to B2B applications.

Many administrators use technologies such as network access control (NAC ) or strong authentication to perform this task. On the user side, they must provide a combination of identification factors so that the protected data they are authorized to view and use can be made available to them.

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