How do you manage the absence of your sales and administrative assistant?

Maternity or paternity leave? Early retirement? Sick leave? Is your sales and administrative assistant going to be away for several days? Are you short of staff to manage your customers’ various orders? Given the key role played by administrative and sales assistants, their absence can have a major impact on a company’s activities. As a result, we’ll need to find a replacement quickly, or as far as possible, anticipate his or her absence. Here are the best options for managing the absence of your sales and administrative assistant.

Hire a freelance administrative assistant as a replacement

In the event of your assistant’s absence, the first rule is to only entrust his or her position to a competent professional. For this, the best decision would be to outsource its missions. Call in an administrative assistant to replace him. As shown on, a freelance secretary can help you in any field of activity.

Hiring a freelance assistant offers several advantages. For example, there are no payroll costs. In other words, hiring this administration and finance expert will save you money on salary. You’ll also gain in flexibility. All you have to do is contact the professional, explain your needs and conclude a contract. Moreover, a freelance sales and administrative assistant can work on site or from home, depending on your preferences. Also, there is no time commitment. When your assistant returns to work, you can terminate the collaboration according to the agreed terms.

If possible, try to plan your absence in advance

Good organization will save you a lot of trouble. To avoid impacting all operations within your company, plan all your employees’ vacations in advance. If your organization has a large number of employees, managing absences can prove complex without the use of a suitable tool. Excel spreadsheets can be risky when it comes to calculating absence balances.

By planning your team’s absences, it will be easier to find a solution when your assistant is absent. For emergency situations, however, you’ll have to improvise. You’ll also need to introduce rules for leave requests. Allow your employees to organize certain vacations among themselves. Just make sure you never lose sight of priority management.

Delegate tasks to other team members

If your sales and administrative assistant is absent, you can also delegate tasks to another member of your team. Of course, the person must have the skills required to carry them out. A sales and administrative assistant is responsible for a wide range of tasks within a company. His position represents a link between several areas of the company.

The management of administrative tasks should not be entrusted to just anyone. The same applies to budget and cash management. Carefully select the person who will replace your assistant. As far as possible, divide up the tasks according to each person’s skills.

Paul Maillet

Paul Maillet

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