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How to post an rbnb ad

Airbnb is an ideal platform for anyone to rent out their property. It offers a variety of accommodation, from seaside and lakeside houses to campsites and bed & breakfasts in the countryside. To become a successful host on rbnb, you only need 2 things: creativity and insight! The first thing you need to do is register as a host to facilitate the arrival of guests without prior reservation. The next step is to declare your income (if any), as this will facilitate the registration process. – although there are no specific requirements regarding the type of income one needs or the amount one can declare as such; however, hosts must also take care of cleanliness, which means spending more time on household activities such as cleaning the house before listing it on Airbnb.


Register on rbnb

The registration process on the Airbnb platform is very simple. The first thing to do is to create a profile with a description and photo, which should be of good quality to reflect your professional status so that you can attract guests looking for an affordable place or service. You then proceed to create a listing as an rbnb host in your home (for rent), which includes photos linked specifically for this purpose. It’s a good idea to translate these ads into several other languages, so that more people can find them attractive and interested in renting from you – especially during peak periods like the summer rental season. Also make sure that all luxury products available during your stay are clearly indicated in each ad!


Host operation

Once an airbnb ad has been created on the platform from an owner’s space, a host can manage it and the reservations. Here are just a few of the features an owner needs to know about.


An rbnb calendar can be viewed on the site to change the opening and closing dates of listings. The price of an overnight stay will also be mentioned in this section.


The inbox is a communication platform that will be used to interact and communicate with tourists. Pre-approval will be sent via email, allowing them toaccept or decline their reservation.

A link to the ad

A link will be provided to modify the content, the rental conditions (see: sample inventory) or to hide this advert.

The rbnb commission

Airbnb’s service fee is only 3%, which isn’t bad at all! The commission is calculated on the rental amount.


Obligations and tax returns

If you have a mobile home, a free life annuity contract, or simply a second home on rbnb toulouse or normandie for example (or even if you rent it out), make sure you declare the income generated by this accommodation. There are two different systems for declaring LMNP income: the Micro-BIC system and the real system!

MICRO-BIC regime

This scheme applies to homeowners whose gross income does not exceed €70,000. Under this scheme, it is the gross income that must be declared, i.e. the net amount plus expenses and charges. The50% allowance will be applied to these amounts, as they are taxed progressively in accordance with tax legislation, both for the social security levy and for total taxation.

Actual regime

Under the actual regime, income is declared net of expenses and charges. The amount will be calculated on a separate form and taxed according to the progressive scale of the income tax law.


How to stand out on the site?

The key to success on Airbnb is attracting potential hosts who are interested. To do this, you’ll need to make your ad stand out from the many other options available. Keep these tips in mind when creating an rbnb listing:

Post a compelling ad

To impress potential travelers looking for vacation homes, make them want to click on your ad or rental listing with :

High-quality photos taken by a professional photographer

A catchy title that attracts the attention of Internet users

Clearly explain the benefits of your ad.

Think small

A welcome message or a packet of cookies will always please your guests. These little gestures make guests feel right at home, and they’ll be sure to remember their vacation.

Staying reactive

One thing web users hate is ads with no response or a long response time. Reactivity is the order of the day. Remain available H24 to respond to interested parties as soon as possible. For even more promotion, you can of course share your ad on social media (Facebook and Twitter), and even on the bon coin!


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