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Make real estate investment your business

Real estate is one of the most promising fields, offering countless career opportunities. It allows you to generate income and benefit from tax advantages via the various tax exemption schemes in place. You can make a career out of it by training with a specialized organization.

Train with an organization specialized in real estate investment

To make real estate investment your profession, you first need to train with an organization. As at MREX, several real estate investment experts offer training courses for all levels. So you can easily find the one that’s right for you. There are a number of options open to you: training at a specialized school or taking a diploma course.

Get training from specialized schools

Before making your first investment in real estate, you can take a course at a specialized school. A number of procedures are developed to enable you to secure your investment and hope for a substantial return. Depending on your pace, you will also be introduced to the workings of the real estate sector. What’s more, these courses, given by a recognized school, enable you to receive several certifications. For example, you can manage building optimization projects and multi-housing financial engineering.

Take diploma courses at school or university

A DUT in legal careers or a BTS in real estate professions are courses available to people who want to make real estate investment their profession. These training courses offered by schools and universities will enable you to become an informed investor. These integrate practice and theory, introducing you to the realities of the field. Whatever type of school you choose, it’s important to analyze the content of the course before signing up. The flexibility of the organization, the accessibility of the program, the reputation of the school and customer reviews are just some of the factors to consider.

real estate investment training

Multi-residential investment as a primary source of income

To optimize the performance of your assets or maximize your profits, multi-residential investment is an excellent option. Residential investment is a stable, dynamic and liquid market. This is due, first and foremost, to the growing number of households, which means a growing demand for housing. Thanks to attractive financing conditions, the real estate market is highly liquid. Although interest rates on mortgages are rising slightly, they are still attractive compared with the last 10 years. The involvement of several players also helps to strengthen the liquidity of the real estate market.

What’s more, the depth of our transactions reinforces the liquidity of residential real estate. These are just some of the reasons to opt for multi-residential investment as your main source of income. However, we recommend that you use the services of real estate professionals during this process. They will guide you in your choice of residence, based on current and forecast trends. They will put you in touch with investors and negotiate competitive financing terms.

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