Mypeople Doc: the new must-have human resources tool

Mypeopledoc is an online tool that enables companies to easily manage their HR operations and the various connections with their employees. Generally speaking, it’s important to understand that Mypeople Doc was created to make the work of human resources easier. Mypeople Doc offers a range of functions, including process automation, case management and employee file management.

What is Mypeople Doc?

Mypeople Doc can be defined as a tool offering simpler, faster and greener services. With Mypeople Doc, you can easily receive your human resources documents electronically. This tool offers you a guarantee of confidentiality and durability.

The documents processed by mypeopledoc are produced with relevance and great probity. All documents processed by this platform are archived thanks to various services such as the Caisse des Dépôts group subsidiary, Caisse des Dépôts Arkhineo and the French public group.

Mypeople Doc is an online platform used by many large companies. Structures such as Banque Accord, Bouygues Telecom, Groupe M6, Canal +, Starbucks France, Ubisoft, Veolia Propreté, Totaland many others use Mypeople Doc. Every year, millions of documents are processed by this tool.

Why use Mypeople Doc?

Mypeople Doc offers some very interesting advantages for management in general, and for processing human resources files in particular. First of all, it’s worth pointing out that with this platform, you no longer have to physically move your documents. You’ll also need to spend less time studying these documents.

Mypeopledoc is a veritable safe where you can store your documents in complete security. By using this digital platform, you’ll make considerable savings, especially when it comes to using paper.

This is because, with Mypeople Doc, all documents are grouped together in a single digital space. This not only ensures the security of your documents, but also facilitates their accessibility. With Mypeople Doc, your documents remain available at any time, day or night.

Using Mypeople Doc saves you time. This digital platform makes it easier to receive documents. The same applies to document management and accessibility.

How do I create a Mypeople Doc account?

When a company opts for Mypeopledoc, it’s easy for its employees to create a digital safe. To do this, simply create a MypeopleDoc account by following the procedure below:

  • Access MypeopleDoc, the tool for managing and digitizing human resources processes.
  • You must then register. To do so, simply click on the request an invitation button. In the fields that appear, enter your e-mail address and confirm your request.
  • Once you have confirmed this operation, you will receive a message in your mailbox. This will contain a link. Just click on the link. Use your e-mail address as your login and the password provided by your company. You’ve just created your Mypeopledoc digital safe. From now on, you can use this online platform to manage and archive your business documents. It doesn’t matter whether these are employment contracts and amendments, interview forms, pay slips, job descriptions and much more.

What is the difference between a document received by e-mail and one received by Mypeople Doc?

Mypeople Doc doesn’t just manage documents. When operations are carried out on documents, this online platform guarantees legality, security, confidentiality and probative value. You also benefit from the legitimacy of timestamps on all your documents stored on Mypeople Doc.

However, when you receive a document by e-mail, all these conditions are not guaranteed. Likewise, by e-mail, you can’t be sure of the legal validity of the documents.

This state of affairs can be explained by a number of factors. First of all, you need to be aware that the legitimacy of an electronic document cannot be guaranteed in time when it is transferred by e-mail. It is important to understand that in this case, there is no electronic signature or time stamp.

When you receive a document by e-mail, you’re not necessarily sure of the sender’s origin. With Mypeople Doc, the e-mail sender is authenticated.

Documents passing through Mypeople Doc are secure files that are archived. There is no time limit. This digital platform guarantees the chronological legitimacy of your documents.

You can also be sure that the documents come from an authentic source. With this online platform, you’re safe from viruses and other such harmful files. You will not receive any abusive advertising or spam.

With Mypeople Doc, there’s no risk of losing your documents, even if you delete them. In fact, it’s important to remember that documents are kept securely indefinitely. This is done automatically.

Improve HR agility and productivity with Mypeople Doc

Mypeople Doc is a service designed to facilitate the tasks of human resources workers. They can manage workers’ files anytime, anywhere. Thanks to Mypeople Doc, they can handle anything from a simple delay to paternity leave.

Mypeople Doc enables HR workers to automate most manual processes. With this tool, you can also manage all employee documents quickly and easily. All this is possible, thanks to a platform that complies with the various safety and compliance standards.

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