Ok Google, how and why to use it?

The Google application contains a voice recognition function that performs tasks based on a simple voice command. This software can detect different voices and respond with an artificial, synthetic sound. Find out how to activate it on your phone and the benefits of this function:

Ok Google: What exactly is this?

Ok Google is a function of the Google Assistant that can execute a user’s commands, quickly. This artificial intelligence is increasingly affordable and powerful – it can even recognize who you are when your voice calls for help! It also responds to requests made in different languages with varying degrees of success. Google Assistant processes requests on an individual basis using personal data entered by the user, so that it recognizes only you as its master. Every time this AI hears“Ok google“,“Okay Google” or“Hey Google“. Ok Google will answer any question or request if configured correctly on devices like smartphones or tablets!

Ok Google : Features

Ok Google is a full-featured voice assistant. For example, there are commands for time management (set reminders and alarms, get your schedule). You can also ask Ok Google toidentify songs or find addresses. On the other hand, it performs a few quick actions, such as asking for the weather forecast or translating words you’re looking up in its dictionary. Users can also change their phone’s basic settings using voice commands!

Ok Google: How to activate it and launch a voice search

To use Ok Google, you need to configure the function on your phone. You must first activate the voice recognition functions in your Android settings. Once this is done, go to the Google application, then to Settings / Voice / Voice Match / “Ok Google“. A prompt will ask you to say the command “Ok Google ” so that it can identify your voice for future commands.

On an iPhone or iPad, the process is the same. The only difference is that you select the “voice and assistant ” section instead. To launch a voice search, simply access your Google application and say“OK Google“. This can also be done by clicking on the microphone icon. A user can modify these settings to make them work in different circumstances. For example: You could set up your phone so that, when you wake up every morning, it asks you for the day’s agenda before giving you the day’s weather report, traffic conditions, and so on.

For example, saying“Ok Google” when the phone’s screen is on will activate a function. Likewise, you can change the settings to activate the assistant whether the screen is on or off, or to use it simultaneously with Google Maps and Android Auto. The application also lets you unlock your phone with a simple voice command.

Ok Google: The benefits

Google Assistant is one of the most intelligent virtual assistants available. It recognizes the most difficult commands and synchronizes with your Google account. The Voice Match function enables it to recognize your tone of voice and tailor its responses to you!

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Matthieu Reix

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