Professional reorientation: which professions to train for?

Many people tire of reliving the same professional situations on a daily basis. Yet not so long ago, everyone wanted to sign a permanent contract and remain loyal to an employer until retirement. Today, a large number of people are aiming for professional fulfillment, even to the point of changing jobs. However, the question to ask when opting for a career change is the choice of profession. We suggest three sectors in which you can train if you want to change direction.

Take a training course in logistics

In today’s transport and logistics industry, you need highly qualified people who have mastered the latest techniques and market developments. This is important in view of the increasing and ongoing globalization of trade flows.

In fact, many companies are now turning their attention to international markets. This forces many professionals in the sector to renew and develop their skills. That’s why it’s so important to get the training you need to meet the challenges ahead.

There are a number of logistics training courses to suit your needs. If you’re a novice, learn the fundamentals of logistics and transport with courses on inventory management and container shipping management. If you are a sales representative in transport and logistics, you can train in import-export of goods.

Sign up for management training

Management is an ultra-dynamic field that recruits a lot. It is also linked to management, human resources and administration. The manager is therefore someone who works at the heart of a structure’s operations. However, according to Oo2 Formations & Consulting, training is essential if you want to move into this sector.

professional reconversion management training

There are many management training courses that do not lead to a diploma. However, they are recognized by a large number of companies and recruiters. These courses are usually taken by professionals who want to specialize in the field or add a new skill to their CV.

Finally, most of these courses can be taken on a sandwich course. You’ll be able to gain valuable initial professional experience, which is highly prized by recruiters and companies alike.

Opt for marketing training

Marketing is present everywhere, particularly in the communications and commercial sectors. What’s more, you may need to brush up on your skills, whether you’re continuing your studies or looking to retrain for a new career.

You can therefore opt for training to become a customer relations professional in the sales field. This will enable you to master a number of tools and techniques.

Many business schools, universities and training centers are available to support those wishing to retrain in this field. To fit in better with the schedules of people who already have a job, these training courses can be offered via online courses. If you opt for a longer course (Bachelor’s or Master’s), you can take a sandwich course to gain experience.

Paul Maillet

Paul Maillet

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