Sending French products to the USA: what’s allowed and what isn’t

The shipment of certain products from France to the USA is subject to strict regulations that professionals must comply with. This is particularly true of wine, cheese and other products such as French chocolate and foie gras. What is the status of these regulations concerning the shipment of French products to the USA?

Can you ship a bottle of wine from France?

The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) is an American agency responsible for controlling drugs and foodstuffs imported into the USA. This agency strictly prohibits the shipment of wine and other alcoholic beverages between private individuals from France to other countries. As a result, it is normally impossible for individuals or companies to export wine to the USA. However, companies or individuals who hold a shipping permit and comply strictly with packaging regulations may be authorized to ship wine to the USA.

Of course, you will have to pay certain customs taxes when you ship your goods. In other words, any individual or professional wishing to send wine to the USA can use the services of a specialized agency. The services offered on are aimed at both private and professional customers. As part of your business, you can call on them to send wine to your employees living abroad and business partners.

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Cheese, under certain conditions

Cheese can be exported to the USA under certain conditions. Milk cheeses fall into two main categories: pasteurized and unpasteurized. In the unpasteurized milk cheese category, only hard or semi-hard cheeses are authorized, but only if they are aged for more than 60 days. Exports of unpasteurized soft milk cheeses to the USA are therefore strictly prohibited.

Pasteurized milk cheeses are permitted, whether soft or hard. However, the company in charge of shipping to France must be FDA-approved. In addition, a health certificate and a sanitary certificate are required for all cheese shipments to the USA.

Send French chocolate to the USA

Like all food products, the United States takes steps to control the importation of chocolate into the country. For those wishing to send French chocolate to a loved one in the USA, the ideal solution is to contact a specialist company. Accredited organizations are authorized to ship French chocolate to the United States. The services offered by these agencies are aimed at both private individuals and professionals.

Shipping foie gras: not everywhere!

Foie gras can be shipped to the United States, but not to all states and cities. This is an aspect to be taken into consideration if you don’t want to break the law. For example, the product has recently been banned in California and New York. Individuals and professionals wishing to send foie gras to a relative or business partner in the USA must ensure that this is authorized in the country in question. What’s more, it’s best to work with a specialized agency. In other words, import regulations in the USA are very strict, particularly when it comes to food products. It is therefore advisable to find out everything you can before shipping any product from France to the United States.

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