Should I invest in gold?

If you want to invest your money, it’s important to understand the consequences of this decision. There are four different categories in which to invest: equities, real estate, bonds and precious metals (e.g. gold).

Gold ticks all the right investment boxes. It has been respected by investors for hundreds of years and is also known for its value by private individuals, making it extremely attractive.

Is investing in gold profitable?

Investing in gold isn’t always easy. Before taking the plunge, it’s a good idea to ask yourself a few important questions.

Why gold?

Throughout history, precious metals have always been a safe haven. The Egyptians achieved gold’s heyday in Egyptian times by mining its mineral-rich soil and turning it into an international currency.

In modern society, the role of gold is no longer just commercial: it will also be used as a means ofsaving money. Gold prices have been set so that they are higher than the value of most fiat currencies, and are gradually becoming more commonplace in the home.

Jewelry, coins, ingots, bullion: gold is everywhere, and can be adapted to the tastes of both new and experienced investors.

Why buy them?

There are many types of financial investment, and it’s essential to ask yourself why gold appeals to you and what you’re going to get out of it. As with any investment, always have a defined objective in advance, so that your strategy is clear from the outset.

Before investing any savings, it’s essential to first examine your current financial needs. Consider the risks and costs associated with such a decision before making an investment. If gold is reliable as a precious metal, then saving money means considering risk management – that risk allows you to capitalize on capital gains in the future.

Without risk-taking, there’s no potential return on your investments. An action plan will answer the question of what results you hope to achieve. Whether you want to buy and sell quickly or hold gold for the long term depends on your personal financial goals.

Rules for successful gold investing

Monitoring the liquidity of your investment

The stock market is sometimes thought of as a market of buyers and sellers. If there are no buyers, you cannot recover the amount invested. Movable assets are considered more liquid than so-called real estate assets, as gold can be sold very easily due to the growing demand for this golden metal. The liquidity risk is lower when gold belongs to this first category, which means that the amount invested can be recovered at any time, without difficulty or hardship.

This economic concept is even more apparent in times of crisis. Where in the stock market or real estate, investors will find it hard to be convinced in times of instability, gold acts as a counterweight, reinforcing its attractiveness for resale at a high price.

Assessing volatility

Volatility measures the extent to which an asset’s price fluctuates. Gold’ s average volatility is 13%, lower than that of bitcoin (22%) and the CAC 40 (17%). Investing in gold gives you the best chance of making money and providing security for your savings. Wanting to earn faster than others shouldn’t be your strategy if you want financial freedom, because it won’t guarantee anything good for you financially speaking!

How to buy physical gold

18/24 carat jewelry is never enough to buy a few grams of gold, but it can help if you want to take more risks. However, if you’re looking for 1 kilo (~2 pounds) of pure gold, the best way is to contact several investors.

You’ll spend 54,000 euros just to buy one bar of gold. On top of that, you’ll need a safe place to store it. You may want or need a safe for your investments, and that’s going to cost quite a bit too. The price of an ingot is around 54,000 euros, so securing it becomes another major expense. That said, group buying of gold offers the possibility of reducing storage costs by not having to keep individual rooms in separate locations throughout the city – a great way to save money. although some people choose these arrangements because they offer greater security against theft and other problems that can arise when renting a space..

Invest in gold online

Gold stocks are very much in demand today, and this is reflected in the practice of building up one’s own gold stock. Most trading is done online via trading sites such as, which has come into its own, offering services better adapted to the new needs of consumers for an asset like gold.

Buying gold online makes it easier to compare prices between platforms, and to receive your order within a few days without leaving home. Shipping is secure, guaranteed and simplified. If buying is simplified, reselling your gold online also has a major advantage: you keep all the fees paid for it, without having to pay any of them to an intermediary!

Invest in gold with MetaTrader 4

Trading platforms enable you to trade stocks, currencies and metals. On the MetaTrader 4 platform, you can trade gold, which can be very interesting asit’s a safe-haven asset that doesn’t lose value over the years. To find out more about the MetaTrader 4 platform, register for the demo version and discover all its features. It’s essential if you want to learn the keys to trading and earn more and more income.

Unlike equities or cryptos, gold is a security whose price fluctuates very little. In this way, you minimize the risk of losing by trading on this security. Of course, you also minimize the chances of making your winnings grow. But it can be a great solution if you want to train. You can also learn more about trend curves, investment orders and other techniques designed to make your trades more profitable. Finally, if you want to start with small amounts, you can trade silver on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Is buying gold in 2022 still profitable?

When we think about investing, we usually think about potential future profits. Buying gold in 2022 will require a slightly different approach. If you’re looking for an investment that can yield 10% a year, there are many ways to get that return.

Gold is an asset that can offer a more stable long-term return than pure profitability. It’s not always the best option to invest in products that make you money quickly, because they also have the potential to lose it just as quickly. Gold, on the other hand, often offers stability over time, as its history has shown.

Gold prices are on the rise, while the stock and crypto markets are fluctuating wildly. The best financial decision you can make is not to sell, but to hold on to your gold for years to come.

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