The advantages of opting for fiber optics

These days, the Internet plays a major role in our daily lives, both at home and at work. This makes high connection speed and throughput crucial, especially for businesses. When it comes to connection, fiber optics is the solution par excellence. It is highly prized by professionals for the many advantages it offers, including guaranteed connection speed and less electromagnetic interference. If you’re still hesitating about installing fiber in your structure, this guide will convince you with some of the advantages of this technology.

Fiber-optic broadband

The greatest advantage of fiber optics is its high connection speed and throughput. This technology offers a better quality of use, enabling your collaborators to work quickly and share files in no time at all.

You can opt for single-mode fiber for a high-performance network. This type of fiber enables high-speed connections over long distances, without the risk of attenuation. We recommend that you contact a reliable fiber optic connection company if you want to benefit from a long-lasting installation. First of all, she can help you check your fiber optic eligibility.

High reception and transmission speeds

One of the advantages of fiber optics is its high transmission and reception speeds. In fact, the connection is very stable. You can send and receive data at optimum speeds, without the building’s distance from the optical connection node being a problem.

fiber optic installer

Fiber offers extreme connection stability. The difference between actual and theoretical throughput is very small compared with ADSL. As a result, the loss of speed with fiber optics is less than with ADSL. This is due to the virtual non-existence of signal attenuation with fiber. Data transmission suffers no loss of speed, even over very long distances.

However, to guarantee an optimal connection, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the fiber installation. Hence the need to call on the services of a connection professional.

Fiber optics enable simultaneous use without impacting speed

Fiber optics enable simultaneous use, so your entire workforce can benefit from a high-performance broadband connection. Whatever the field of activity, the very high speed offered by fiber optics means that several people can use the fiber simultaneously, without fear of a drop in signal quality.

All staff have permanent access to the web. Your employees can benefit from a high-speed connection, whether for video or 3D image production, videoconferencing, etc.

The large number of people who can connect to the network is one of the undeniable advantages of fiber optics. No risk of clutter, even with intensive Internet use.

Paul Maillet

Paul Maillet

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