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Use a real estate broker for your loan?

Are you looking to buy a property or finance a real estate project? A broker is the ideal partner to help you speed up your loan search, and find the mostadvantageous loan with favorable terms. As a key player in the real estate sector, the broker is able to compare all possible offers and propose tailor-made loan solutions at competitive rates – but that’s not all! In this article, we’ll look at all the advantages of using one for your projects.

Who is this real estate broker?

The real estate broker is a professional who assists private individuals in their project to buy a property or obtain a loan to do so. He acts as anintermediary between the banks and his customer, seeking financing on optimal terms. The main aim of a broker is to obtain the best offer from the banks to finance your current project in this category, which comes under the heading of intermediaries in banking operations and payment services (IOBSP).

Credit brokers must be accredited by the OIBS and registered with the ORIAS(the single register of all insurance, banking and finance intermediaries) in order to legally exercise their profession.

Why use a real estate broker?

The broker saves you time by studying and comparing offers. This process preserves your mental health, as it would be an inordinate amount of work if it were done by yourself, or with a limited number of hours available to devote to the task.

It mobilizes its network of partner banks to find out the latest loan rates and discover the best opportunities. With this information, he’ll be able to negotiate a lower borrowing rate with lenders, as well as provide you with some risk protection with delegated insurance and a customized plan.

You’ll receive advice and support throughout the loan process.

The broker manages your file and takes care of all the administrative formalities. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from A to Z, until you obtain the credit you need to complete your project. As a credit professional, she can give you objective, personalized advice on the loan solutions available to those who need them.

What will your broker do?

The role and missions of a loan broker are manifold. As a financial intermediary, we put you in touch with our network of banks and insurance companies to find the best possible deal for your title. He handles all financing issues, negotiating and consulting with you to find the most appropriate solution, taking all circumstances into account.

When you appoint a broker to act on your behalf, he or she presents your loan file to the banks and credit institutions with which he or she works in partnership. His job is also to compare different loan offers and determine the one that suits you best, and to obtain it at the best rate. You will only pay if you choose an offer that has been proposed by him in his selection process.

In addition to obtaining bank loans, a real estate broker’s involvement can extend to services such as finding loan insurance or negotiating with banks for financing.

Working with several brokers?

Customers may be tempted to put several brokers in competition for the same file, thinking that this will maximize their chances of finding an attractive loan offer. But can you really use several brokers for the same transaction?

If a customer can call on more than one broker when working on his real estate project, this is not the best decision. Competition between brokers could hinder the normal and efficient follow-up of your file. As brokers work with many banks, it is likely that your loan file will be submitted several times to different institutions by different intermediaries. However, these banks generally only accept one bank at a time for an applicant – so you’re forced to submit your files several times! What’s more, having more people to represent you can mean that both you and the brokers are too quickly demotivated in their work.

The benefits in a nutshell ;

Using a credit broker for your real estate project can be beneficial in several ways. Here are some of the main advantages of using a broker for your loan application:

Save time and money by applying to a single source.

Access to several lenders offering different mortgage products.

Can increase the chances of obtaining early pre-approval.

You can expect your intermediary to have commercial and negotiating skills, as well as a mastery of the banking system, all to help you save money by negotiating all aspects of your loan. It’s also worth noting that the broker is only remunerated on the basis of results – if he succeeds in obtaining the desired loans.

Make an estimate to find your mortgage broker

As you can see, there are many advantages to using a real estate broker. However, you still need to choose the right one, and know your project in detail, especially the figures. If you need help in detailing your project, we’ll help you with this article. In particular, we’ll help you find a specialist mortgage broker on We’ll also explain why it makes sense to use the Furets website.

How can I find a mortgage broker on les

To find a broker who specializes in real estate, but is also reliable and of high quality, it’s important to devote some time and do some real in-depth research. There are a number of sites you can visit, including On the Furets site, you can tell us more about your project and get help. By indicating what you want to buy and your budget, the Furets will already have valuable information to help you in your search. They will then help you to find a specialized, high-quality broker using their comparison tool.

Why use the Furets website?

It’s no coincidence that we recommend the Furets website. is a top-quality site where you can flesh out your project and get help. It’s also an excellent online comparator, helping you find insurers and banks entirely tailored to your profile and search criteria. That’s why it’s so important to use this kind of site, so you can get on with your project simply and efficiently.

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