Videoconferencing with LiNote, top solution for seniors

The evolution of technology has given rise to a number of video calling solutions such as Skype, WhatsApp and Messenger. However, these options may require some effort – they are complicated for older people who need help to handle them. For an easier solution for the very elderly, there’s LiNote, the best videoconferencing system around! Discover all its advantages here!

How LiNote works

This form of communication is designed specifically for the elderly. To use Linote’s features, you need to create an account and log in. You can do this from your phone, computer or tablet, wherever you are! Once you’ve created your account, all you have to do to receive your login is open any e-mail we’ve sent you, and it’ll be waiting for you! The next step is to create a subscription plan based on what’s best for you, so that we can give you back your money. the gift of freedom with LiNote tablets that enable our loved ones at home or in assisted care facilities to answer calls simply by being close to themeven if they can’t talk to themselves on their phones.

The benefits of Linote

Simplified videoconferencing

The Linote senior tablet has many features, one of which is the ability to carry out video conversations. This device has been specially designed for video conversations with elderly people who live far away from us. The lives of the elderly are greatly enhanced by this digital solution, which enables them to have a wider range of topics in their discussions. What’s more, although you can check up on an elderly loved one by phone, there’s nothing like a video call to give them the reassurance they need when they’re suffering from memory problems or other conditions that prevent them from communicating easily with others, but also to see how they’re really doing, physically and emotionally, at every moment, through what’s happening in front of them, without expecting anything more than his simple presence. Linote offers this service without forcing your loved one to do anything – just detect their presence!

Easier reception of messages and photos

The LiNote tablet receives a photo or message and rings automatically when it’s in front of you. Once seen, the screen stops ringing without further interruption. The slideshow function lets your loved one see all the photos sent as a group with this device. If a text message has been received instead, the device’s voice reads it aloud, without you having to fetch your glasses! This technology offers elderly people an easy way to make calls by simply pressing their photo, which is stored in their phonebook for future reference (very reliable). She’s also got a few other surprises up her sleeve, so look out for them too!

Other benefits

In addition to the various functions available on LiNote, this digital solution can also be used as a notepad. So if your schedule changes, you don’t have to travel to visit your elderly relative. LiNote will simply remind him of everything that’s important! From wherever you are, you can then record reminder messages and notify them at the desired time using this tablet – whether for one-off events or recurring ones such as birthdays.

In conclusion, LiNote is not just a digital communication solution. It also lets you take care of your loved one and keep in touch with them wherever you are.

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Matthieu Reix

Matthieu Reix

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