What are clogs used for?

Working in certain sectors requires the use of specific equipment. This equipment is generally designed to guarantee the safety and well-being of workers. They also ensure a hygienic workspace. Among these tools, the hoof is widely used. In which areas is it most common?

Safety clogs for surgical departments

Clogs are widely used in the hospital environment, as are gowns and lab coats. These are very comfortable shoes, making it easier for medical staff (doctors, surgeons, nurses, etc.) to get around. The clog enables healthcare professionals to cope better with the long hours they work every day.

There are several types of clogs, including safety clogs for operating theatres. These shoes have specific characteristics. They can therefore be sterilized in an autoclave, up to a temperature of 140°C, which is not possible with all medical clogs.

The operating theatre clog you’ll find if you click here is lightweight and offers incomparable comfort. In fact, its heel pads significantly reduce muscle fatigue and soreness. What’s more, this pair of shoes stimulates vascular circulation and reduces the risk of bruising or oedema. This is a significant advantage for surgeons, who sometimes have to stand for long hours to perform an operation.

When choosing shoes, it’s important to consider comfort and practicality. But don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s an accessory. In fact, hoof color and shape are important criteria.

medical safety clogs

Safety clogs in the food industry

Safety clogs are also indispensable in the food industry. Indeed, in the industries that make up this field of activity, strict compliance with hygiene conditions is a must.

Whether in factories, kitchens or any other agri-food structure, employees must wear shoes that enable them to comply with hygiene regulations. They need models that protect them above all against shocks and the risk of falling. Thanks to their non-slip sole and structure, safety clogs are the ideal footwear for this demanding profession.

Safety clogs for public buildings and laundries

Safety clogs are also important in public buildings and laundries. Like the footwear used in the medical and food industries, safety clogs enable workers to withstand the tough conditions of their jobs.

Thanks to these safety shoes, employees will be able to work better. In addition, safety clogs protect employees from the risk of falls due to water or chemicals. These shoes also prevent electrification, as they are antistatic.

Last but not least, thanks to its components, the safety clog systematically repels chemical or organic substances that are hazardous to the skin.

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