What are the 3 types of investment?

Before launching your business, it’s important to distinguish between the different types of
types of investment
you can make. Indeed, thinking about the
best strategy
to adopt, in order to seize
seize every investment opportunity
within your reach. In this way, you’ll be able to understand
guidance policies
to optimize your
optimize your business development
through high-yield investments. Otherwise
diversification of your investments
will enable you to secure your financial investments and protect you from the risk of loss or lower returns. With this in mind, this section provides you with the essential
essential information
to help you make the right investment decisions.

Investment in property and equipment

In principle, when you decide to set up your own business, you have to make an
through the acquisition of material goods by purchasing:

  • buildings ;
  • factories ;
  • land ;
  • machines…

Economic definition

In concrete terms, the
to increase the company’s wealth, with the aim of achieving a measurable positive impact over the long term. In this way, you invest tooptimize your plant’sproductivity, by purchasing high-performance machines. In fact, these investments are essential performance drivers for
company’s growth and improve
and improve team efficiency. Ultimately, such a strategic decision offers the company the privilege of optimizing its performance, thanks to theinnovation of its productiontechniques.


This type of investment will be recorded as anasset on your balance sheet and will be subject to
with a rate calculated on the basis of its duration or nature. As a result, it will appear at its net present value on the balance sheet date, since it will be its depreciated amount that will be recognized. In reality, this is the
acquisition value
of your investment to which depreciation has been deducted.

Intangible investment

If you’d like to find out more about this topic, dedicated
such as provide you with essential details to remember. You will discover that
intangible investments
are represented by purchases that are not tangible, but which enable you tooptimize the value of your assets. These may include :

  • patent ;
  • of goodwill or licenses, which are essential for
    a must
    to give you the
    to win new customers.

These options are also essential if, for example, you want to enhance your brand image and raise your profile. In particular, they represent strategic springboards that enable the company to remain competitive in its field.

Financial investment

This type of
constitutes investments allowing increase the value of your financial assets through purchases of bonds or shares, real estate investments… In the same vein, the company can also make
cryptocurrency acquisitions
and life insurance investments investments in art products or precious metals… In concrete terms, the choice of a profitable investment through the financial resources available to the company gives it the capacity toincrease its capital. In fact, the aim is to generate profits through the remuneration of cash invested in a financial investment.

You can therefore choose between different types of
toincrease your company’s profitability. With this in mind, your investment decisions need to be carefully considered to ensure that you are not exposing yourself to the risk of loss. To help you do this, you will find a range of
practical advice
to give every entrepreneur the opportunity to invest profitably.


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