What are the advantages of electronic labels?

The SES-imagotag label is gaining ground in many stores, thanks to all the advantages it brings. It enables them to interact directly with customers and provide them with information. It can also be used to receive stock management information.

What are the advantages of using electronic labels?

1) Communicating information to the customer

SES-imagotag labels are particularly useful for displaying a range of real-time information that customers need to know about each product. It displays the price clearly and precisely, as well as any special offers on the item. These displays can be updated much more easily and quickly than with a simple label. Thanks to this performance, the store is sure to boost its sales.

2) Significant time savings

Updating displays on electronic labels is very quick, as they are done remotely by computer. This system is much faster and more accurate than conventional labels, which have to be changed and modified on a regular basis. This significant time saving will enable the store to focus its employees on more important tasks to improve the production and sale of its products.

3) Inventory management

The use of electronic SES-imagotag labels gives direct access to available stock. As the labels are geolocatable, they make it easier for employees to find items that need replenishing. The display also tells the consumer how many items are left, even if they are not yet on the shelf.

4) Managing perishability

The electronic label has the advantage of automatically displaying a product’s expiration date. This date is always indicated directly on the articles, but is generally difficult to find as it is written on a very small surface. To inform customers more simply, electronic displays provide this information. It also enables immediate price changes for products approaching their sell-by date.

5) Information reliability

As the information provided by the display can be modified at any time, and directly from a remote location, it is regularly checked and therefore more reliable than that provided by ordinary labels. Since this information is regularly updated according to products, expiration dates and prices, the displays are always accurate and provide a great deal of detail that cannot be provided without this type of set-up.

6) Customer satisfaction

The accuracy of the information transmitted on electronic labels increases customer satisfaction. They benefit from the ease of obtaining reliable information on the product they wish to buy. This satisfaction will help you build customer loyalty, which in turn will lead to better sales and profits.


Using SES-imagotag labels brings many advantages. A precise display lets you remotely adjust the price and any promotions on every label of every product. These accessories also enable you to monitor available stocks directly, so you can manage restocking and the perishability of items. Customers benefiting from accurate, reliable information will build loyalty and increase their consumption in your store, leading to better sales.

Laetitia Dupuis

Laetitia Dupuis

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