What is healthcare marketing?

Information and prevention through marketing

If you’ve stumbled across this article, health webmarketing is probably something that has piqued your interest but isn’t yet perfectly clear. This is partly due to the fact that marketing itself can sometimes seem an obscure field to non-experts, and partly due to the fact that associating this sector with healthcare seems at first sight impossible.

How can we market, and therefore essentially obtain “sales”, when a person’s health is at stake?

Treating a patient as a paying customer is shameful and unseemly.

We couldn’t agree with you more, and health marketing takes this objection into account. A person in need cannot be considered in the same way as someone who wants to buy a new smartphone.

That’s why, first of all, it’s important to give a basic definition of what healthcare marketing is.

The term healthcare marketing refers to all activities that have their roots in the world of marketing, but operate in the healthcare, scientific information and general health sectors. And so far, it’s still all a blur. Let’s take a closer look at the actions.

Health webmarketing actions

Healthcare marketing is not limited to creating a website for the professional or clinic in question, or a site for a
it does much more. Healthcare marketing helps the physician or healthcare manager identify and achieve his or her objectives.

The steps to follow are :

  • identify your target market ;
  • a share of this market;
  • intercept the identified market share ;
  • inform and educate about performance and services;
  • be ready and give a unique image of yourself or your company online and offline;

In all these stages, it’s advisable to rely on professionals capable of using tools such as landing pages, Google Ads campaigns, video marketing, newsletters, social networks, article marketing and many others. Health Web marketing requires the production of PDFs, videos, articles and other information media to be promoted on different channels.

Healthcare marketing and ethical choice

Often, those who choose to pursue a career in medicine, whatever their specialization, care about their patients and people’s health. So it almost seems that marketing in healthcare is immoral and ethically wrong. Error.

In reality, healthcare marketing does not conflict with the doctor’s deepest vocation, but goes hand in hand with it.

Health marketing means, above all, providing information.

Healthcare marketing involves the creation, communication and dissemination of healthcare-related information using scientific and customer-focused strategies to protect and promote health.

How to take action for good, ethical healthcare webmarketing

When creating information materials for healthcare marketing, such as the PDFs and videos mentioned above, it’s important to keep in mind the market segment you’re targeting, and to inform them in a way that’s correct and appropriate to their background.

If we want to intercept young people and inform them about the dangers of summer sunburn, there’s no point in writing a treatise in the health section of the local newspaper. At the same time, if you want to describe the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle and a desk-bound job, it makes no sense to insert an information banner into the loading level of a video game.

So all’s well, the PDFs for health marketing are fine as are the articles, videos, posts and everything else, the important thing is that, since it’s still marketing, the message is delivered to the right segment of the audience right now. who he is ready to receive it from and how he would like to receive it.

Health marketing as a calling card

Healthcare webmarketing is a combination of different disciplines. As already mentioned, it has its roots in marketing, but it deals with health and wellness issues, it needs to communicate in a scientific and timely way, yet without being difficult or incomprehensible to those not in the field.

The strength of health webmarketing lies in prevention, which requires information.

Promoting health through correct scientific information, which is why health marketing is not in conflict with medical practice and vice versa.

Marie Robin

Marie Robin

Marie est une rédactrice et une auteure spécialisée dans toutes sortes de domaines tels que le marketing numérique, le juridique et la finance. Elle écrit pour le magazine Adises Active depuis 2013.