What you need to know about MyPixid

MyPixid is a digital platform that was launched in 2004. Since then, it has become a leader in its field. MyPixid is a free application that’s particularly easy to use. This application is useful for managing flexible manpower requirements. What’s interesting about MyPixid is that it’s perfectly adapted to the constraints of current legislation.

MyPixid will enable you to work easily and efficiently with your suppliers. This tool makes it easy to manage costs online. This is a very useful tool for companies. This explains the success of MyPixid, which is used by 100,000 users every day. Innovations are integrated into MyPixid on a daily basis. The application can now be used to manage electronic signatures and pay slips. All these new features can be used by customers of all sizes.

What is MyPixid?

MyPixid is an application designed to provide practical solutions for businesses. This application is also useful for temporary workers. MyPixid is really useful for managing employment contracts, payslips and timesheets.

All these valuable business documents are kept at the same level in your cell phone. You can access these documents at any time.

With MyPixid, companies can easily receive invoices. The same applies to contracts. Companies can also sign these documents electronically.

Using MyPixid, you can fill in and validate working hours via a statement. Intermediaries can use MyPixid to manage their contracts easily and securely. The application is useful as soon as you get your contract.

The application will send you a notification as soon as the contract or timesheet is sent. To sign this document, temps can use MyPixd. It’s important to remember that MyPixid generates an electronic pays lip and stores it automatically.

How does MyPixid work?

Normally, when a company is looking for a temporary worker, it calls on the services of a temporary employment agency. They then submit their request by filling in a special form.

MyPixid will intervene at this level by exporting temporary employment contracts. This operation is performed from the business software. The application will also edit pay slips. It’s important that you configure your business software so that it’s compatible with MyPixid.

How do I create a Mypixid account?

To create a Mypixid account, you need to go through a temporary employment agency. This will give you the contact details to access the application.

To log on to MyPixid for the first time, you need the e-mail address provided by your temp agency and your cell phone. The telephone number must be the one you gave to the temporary employment agency.

The account is created by opening the e-mail. In this document, you’ll find a link to access the application and a temporary password. By clicking on the access link, you can access the platform by entering your e-mail address and temporary password. This password can be changed.

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Alix Lebrun

Alix Lebrun

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