Why should you offer a personalized eco-friendly pen?

It’s very common to be offered a promotional pen for a meeting or event. To stand out from the crowd as a committed company, why not offer a personalized eco-friendly pen?

The advantages of offering a personalized eco-friendly pen?

The personalized eco-friendly pen is the perfect medium for developing your communication. By offering a personalized eco-friendly pen, you’re giving a gift that can be mass-distributed while respecting the environment. You’ll be able to reach as many people as possible and make a success of your communication campaign.

If your company or association has an ecological conscience, it’s important to convey this image right down to the gifts you hand out. You can’t afford to offer personalized plastic pens that aren’t eco-friendly.

Whether for distribution at a trade show, seminar, meeting or other event, the personalized eco-friendly pen is the perfect promotional item to help you say thank you and/or build loyalty.

The personalized eco-friendly pen allows you to improve your audience while building loyalty. By offering a personalized eco-friendly pen to your customers, prospects or colleagues, you’re sure not to miss out. It’s a promotional item that’s useful every day. The people receiving your gift will use it every day, whether at work or in their personal lives.

The final advantage of eco-friendly pens is personalization. You can make your pen even more impactful by personalizing it. Create a pen entirely in your image with your corporate colors. Add your logo and/or slogan to make sure you’re noticed and remembered every time you use it. In this way, you’ll stay in the minds of users while sharing your environmental values, which are reflected in the eco-friendly pen.

2 examples of brands offering personalized eco-friendly pens:

There are several models of personalized eco-friendly pens. You’ll find recycled pens, cardboard pens and biodegradable pens.

Several pen brands offer customized eco-friendly pens. For example, the Pilot pen brand is committed to protecting the environment and reducing its impact on the planet. The brand favors recycled plastic for the manufacture of its pens, and is developing more refillable pens.

You can also find the PRODIR brand of pens. PRODIR is a brand committed to the planet. This brand regularly innovates and offers a wide choice of eco-materials for its pens: recycled plastic, plant fibers (bioplastics), mineral powder, biodegradable biopolymers (true biotic) and lightweight designs (QS40), shell powder… This pen is durable thanks to its refillable lead that can write up to 5000 meters and is fully customizable.

Here are several reasons why you should give a personalized eco pen. If you’re interested in the idea of personalizing and offering an eco-friendly pen, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for production, depending on the model. Orders are possible from a minimum of 500 units.

Marie Robin

Marie Robin

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