New ways to invest your money

Some individuals prefer to invest rather than save. It’s one of the best ways to build wealth and prepare for retirement. However, investing carries enormous risks, especially if you opt for the wrong investment. In addition to real estate and buying gold, there are now new ways to invest your money. Why not try your hand at NFTs and Pokémon cards?

Should we continue to invest in NFTs?

If you want to invest in a high-yield product, then we recommend NFT. These non-fungible tokens are becoming increasingly popular and are making headlines. However, investing in NFTs requires a number of prerequisites. First and foremost, you need to understand how these chips work and the right strategies to make them profitable. You can consult specialized NFT and cryptocurrency sites, such as Tokize, for advice tailored to your budget and investment desires.

NFTs are tokens that validate the uniqueness and authenticity of a digital asset. They apply to a variety of fields, including collections, video games, sports, music and art. In terms of benefits, NFTs can be a valuable investment and offer significant liquidity on resale. Indeed, according to crypto and NFT specialists, these tokens can be seen as safe havens in the face of economic crises.

These non-fungible tokens can be created online. What’s more, like gold, art and cryptocurrencies, their value is not dependent on the banking system. Their price is therefore not influenced by the financial markets. NFTs also offer numerous marketplaces. Several marketplaces have been created to enable investors to create, buy or sell NFTs. NFT, OpenSea and Rarible represent some of the best platforms on which to buy or sell these tokens. In addition, various parameters influence the price of NFTs. The rise in the Ethereum price is one of the first indicators. The higher the value of this cryptocurrency, the higher the value of NFTs.

NFT cryptocurrency investment

Pokémon: is it a good idea to invest in cards?

You can diversify your investments with Pokémon cards. Today, worldwide production of these cards is greater than it was in the early days of Pokémon. Their value can reach hundreds of thousands of euros per card. Indeed, confinement has accentuated nostalgia, with sales becoming more professional.

As a result, some Pokémon cards are now sold on popular sites such as LeBonCoin, eBay, Vinted and in Facebook groups. What’s more, in the USA and Japan, auctions of these cards are very common. Some sold for €50,000, others for €400,000. This is a fast-growing market and a profitable investment, given the increasing trend in card prices.

However, to be recognized, a card must comply with a few rules. Above all, it must be in very good condition. For example, a Firecracker card from the basic set in very good condition can be worth up to 30,000 euros. In poor condition, it won’t cost more than 50 euros. To certify the condition of a Pokémon card, it is possible to have it graded by grading companies. The best-known are Beckett and PSA in the United States, and PCA in France. The most sought-after cards for investors are rare ones, notably those from the first generations, released in 1996.

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