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Castorus: What you need to know about this tool

Castorus is a tool designed to track real estate ads published on various web platforms. Thanks to this tool, you’ll be able to get an idea of how the prices of different properties for sale are evolving. Castorus is a very useful time-saver. Thanks to the information available through Castorus, you can quickly find attractive offers. For this reason, the tool is widely used by those looking for bargains in the real estate sector. Castorus is also a practical tool. This is simply because Castorus facilitates negotiation, thanks to the different information it provides on the property(actual value and advertised price). In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about this tool, preferred by real estate professionals who make good business sense.

How do I find the best deals with Castorus?

Castorus is not like the usual real estate websites. This tool is nevertheless functional on various platforms such as SeLoger and LebonCoin. Castorus has a tracking service that allows you to study real estate ads throughout France.

Using this tool, you’ll have a wealth of accurate data on properties for sale. You’ll be kept informed of price changes and property price trends.

The tool lets you find out on which other platforms a real estate ad has been published. For a specific amount, you’ll get a list of available properties and their financing process.

By installing an extension on your browser, the tool will be able to keep all the elements relating to the real estate ads you have consulted. Installing this extension is very quick, and you’ll have easy access to all the pages you’ve visited.

It’s important to remember that since 2017, Castorus has only been accessible on professional portals. Users of the tool can exchange real estate data anonymously.

This is very interesting, because when you view a real estate ad for the first time, you’ll see ahistory of other users who have viewed it before you.

With Castorus, you also benefit from a range of features, such as the ability to exchange information with buyers in your region. You can also view the list of properties sold at a low price in your search area.

Why use Castorus?

This tool makes it possible to carry out excellent real estate transactions. By using it, you’ll have very reliable information on theevolution of real estate prices over a period that can range from a few weeks to a few months.

This information is crucial, as it will enable you to determine the price of a property in relation to the average market price. Knowledge of price trends also makes it easier to negotiate and identify properties sold at attractive prices.

Castorus is also recommended as a time-saver. With this tool, you can find bargains quickly by comparing the value of a property with the price per square meter in your search area. The information this tool provides on each property saves precious time.

What do Castorus users think?

Castorus has enjoyed impressive success since its launch. The proof is in the ever-growing number of users registering on the site. As a reminder, you don’t need to pay a single kopek before registering on the platform.

So you can see all the real estate bargains available on the market. Castorus lets you see what’s available on a large number of platforms, and even on specialist sites such as loc annonce paris.

This site is recognized by many users for presenting very attractive real estate offers. It should be pointed out that Castorus only presents the best offers likely to be of interest to its users. These real estate ads are designed to meet the needs of site visitors. By using Castorus, many people have been able to secure good real estate deals.

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Alix Lebrun

Alix Lebrun

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