The 5 major trends to follow to develop your business

At the start of the new year, it’s time for good resolutions. When you’re setting up a new business, or even developing one, you need to give it a boost. Generating innovation is the best way to do this. This will enable your business project to anticipate changes in the sector and meet customer expectations.

Business success: Integrating new technologies

It’s impossible for an entrepreneur to create a company or a business without paying attention to new technologies. Between Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or even Blockchain, creating an innovative company involves this. The challenge is to integrate them positively into a business plan.

An entrepreneur, for example, knows that the Internet is vital to the success of his e-commerce business. However, many people are concerned about data protection when it comes to digitizing services. It’s therefore essential to ask the right questions before embarking on an innovation project. The same is true of Big Data, offering a wide range of possibilities in terms of digital marketing or HR, but provided that RGPD provisions are respected.

Business trends: Effective communication

The need for good communication

Today, communication is important for companies: promoting products on social media, building customer loyalty, attracting customers…

With digital transformation, the opening up of new channels and the widespread use of new vectors… There have been many changes. But if there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, it’s its importance to the creation and development of your start-up. Find out more about business trends on

Leaving room for dialogue

An innovative company must leave room for dialogue. Why not use social networks to meet your customers and respond to their needs? What if communication was a two-way street, with both the company and the customer making their voices heard?

For this creation project you need :

  • Implement processes to review and understand customer feedback;
  • Using social networks as monitoring tools;
  • Develop dialogue techniques with stakeholders.

Launching your company by adapting your business model

In your digital strategy, you need to meet customer expectations. Consumers expect innovative products and a more immersive experience. They want to know the impact of the product they buy on their health and the environment.

As an entrepreneur, you need to take these new realities into account in your market research in order to innovate more effectively. Whether it’s transparency, environmental protection, organic produce, fair prices or local production…

Authenticity and transparency

When it comes to entrepreneurship, authenticity and transparency are essential. Consumers are moving towards brands that inspire trust.

Yet the consumer sector is still marked by this “vagueness”. You can’t really be sure of the materials or ingredients used in a product you buy.

Don’t be afraid to say what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how you plan to do it. Disclosing the impact of our products increases customer and influencer engagement.

Taking up positions

In the world of entrepreneurship, a company with clear positions on a specific project has a better chance of reaching consumers.

The role of business is not just to make a profit, but to have a positive impact on the world in general. The same is true internally. Employees want a job with meaning!


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Laetitia Dupuis

Laetitia Dupuis

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