Select the right HRIS tools

The human resources team has a number of tasks to perform. These include employee data management and tracking, recruitment and payroll management, and training and career management. That’s why most HR departments use HRIS. HRIS or Human Resources Information System software covers all HR management processes.

What is HRIS software?

HRIS software is designed for SMEs and large corporations alike. Responding to a variety of needs, the HRIS is a steering and optimization tool that automates all tasks linked to human resources management. Overall, HRIS software helps HR teams in their day-to-day work, by optimizing the most time-consuming tasks. What’s more, it makes your operation more efficient and effective.

HRIS software is indispensable in a number of areas:

  • personnel administration,
  • skills and career management,
  • time and activity management,
  • payroll.

HRIS software is a pivotal support system, with a number of functionalities. The list can include leave management, absence management, personnel management, training, recruitment, HR dashboards, onboarding and offboarding.

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Choose the right HRIS for your business sector

You’ll find a wide range of HRIS software on the market. To choose the right one, the specifics of your business and the sector in which you operate come into play. The HRIS software of your choice should also meet the needs of your company’s HR function. It is all the more essential that the HRIS be easily adopted and used by the HR team.

At the heart of business performance, there are 7 essential criteria for choosing the right HRIS. Ergonomics top the list. Ergonomic HRIS software enables your HR team to carry out a wide range of tasks smoothly and independently. All while saving time. In this way, your employees can devote themselves to other high value-added missions.

Ideally, you should also opt for an HRIS that can interface with other software and systems you use within your company. In this sense, we recommend software that uses an open language and offers optimum interoperability.

The HRIS of your choice will need to be adapted to your company’s specific organizational constraints. It must be able to handle a certain number of connections without seeing its performance diminish. It must also be easy to use and effectively intuitive.

No matter what sector you’re in, the security of your data is paramount. Since HR dashboards and reports contain sensitive data about your company and your employees, you should choose an HRIS tool that guarantees data protection.

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