Agriaffaires, the platform for buying and selling agricultural equipment

To buy a tractor or any other agricultural equipment, Agriaffaires is one of the best places to find what you’re looking for. Created at the beginning of this century, this site has become the ” bon coin ” for farmers. Thousands of buy and sell ads are posted online. Whether you’re a farmer, winemaker or livestock breeder, this is the site for you. You’ll find all the products and equipment you need.

The origins of the Agriaffaires platform

The site was created in the early 2000s by 2 Loiret farmers. But they didn’t have a great deal of knowledge of the web. Over the years, the success of the Agriaffaires website has only grown. It is now the number 1 reference for the sale and purchase of agricultural equipment. New and used equipment is available in the hundreds of thousands of ads that have been posted since its creation. This site has become a benchmark thanks to its enduring success. In fact, it has been online for some twenty years. That’s why its two creators are present at international trade shows all over the world.

It’s now the go-to site for farmers looking to buy or sell equipment, land, farms or animals. With over 3,000 suppliers listed on the site, it’s hard not to find what you’re looking for on Agriaffaires.

How does the Agriaffaires website work?

To use the platform, simply create an account. This will give you interesting advantages, such as the ability to post an ad.

To create your account, simply go to the website, click on the ” My account ” tab and fill in the form. Once you have validated your personal information, you are a member of the site and can place your ad.

To place an ad, go to the home page and click on ” Place ad “. This is done in several steps: you need to mention what you have to sell, describe it and leave your contact details. If your ad is validated, you will receive a letter notifying you.

The site contains 250 sections, with nearly 260,000 ads. A diversity of products that has made the site a benchmark in online sales.

What products does Agriaffaires sell?

More than 200,000 ads are placed online on the Agriaffaires website. If you are a member of the site, you can find all types of machinery and equipment.

Farm equipment

Naturally, this is what you’ll find most on the site. That’s why the platform was created. In fact, it’s the No. 1 site for the promotion of used agricultural equipment in France.

For example, the site offers tractors, combine harvesters and more. The tractor is the site’s flagship vehicle, and is available in a variety of makes and models. Buyers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing the tractor that’s right for them.

Buyers can also find tractors of various makes, including John Deere tractors. There are even vintage tractors for sale on the site.

Spare parts

Agriaffaires is also the place where farmers can find a range of new and used spare parts for their farm machinery. The site is renowned for listing quality parts. Buyers looking to repair their machines can find everything they need in just a few clicks on Agriaffaires.

Land and real estate

The site also contains ads for buying or renting farms and agricultural land.

Farmers looking to expand their holdings, or people wishing to start a career in agriculture, turn to this site to acquire land and farms.

Hundreds of hectares are offered for sale. In particular, there are farms that farmers who have recently retired or wish to retire are offering for sale.

Animals and food

This section, available on the site’s platform, is a great success. As its name suggests, it allows the sale and purchase of animals and their feed:

  • Various animals such as pigs, horses, cattle …
  • Forage and feed.
  • Various ads such as seed sales.

Many breeders visit the site for the variety of animal breeds, especially bulls.

Forestry equipment

Around 5000 advertisements for new and used reforestation equipment are available on the site.

What makes Agriaffaires such a success?

The platform for buying and selling agricultural equipment is a huge success that has spreadinternationally. The site is available in 20 languages. The site was opened to Europe in 2005. This huge success is certainly not due to chance, but to all the advantages it offers its members.

Supplier directory

The site offers this section for those who have a preference for a particular brand or model. Click on the ” supplier directory ” button to access all the brands offered on the site.

Price observatory

It’s a very interesting tool that saves farmers time and prevents them from missing out on a good deal. The price observatory is an integrated price comparator that displays product prices in ascending or descending order. Members can also see the average price of the product.

For example, if a member wants to buy a combine harvester, he can see the price of all those for sale on the site. Naturally, this makes the choice easier.

Easy to use

The other great thing about the site is how easy it is to place an ad or find what you want to buy. With a pleasant, efficient interface, this platform has all the advantages that have made Le bon coin so successful, of which Agriaffaires has become a subsidiary.

The mobile application

Agriaffaires can be used on a browser, or by downloading the application. Available for Android and iOS, it’s ergonomic and fluid, making it easy to navigate through the hundreds of sections it contains.

The application is available on theAndroid play store and the App store forApple devices.

Seller-buyer interactivity

Here’s another benefit that’s sure to please members. The site allows customers and sellers tointeract. This makes transactions easier and faster.

Our opinion of the Agriaffaires platform

With its long experience in the field, this site has become the most popular place for farmers wishing to buy or sell. Our opinion can only be positive, given all the features it offers its members. We also appreciated the impressive number of products on sale.

One of the site’s major assets is undoubtedly the user experience it offers its members.

We also appreciated the very precise search tool. In fact, there are numerous filters to refine searches and make them more precise.

The prices charged on the site are relatively high, but that’s because we’re dealing with professional equipment.

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