Cybermut: Crédit Mutuel’s secure payment solution

Pay for your sandwich with your contactless credit card, pay for your train ticket with your phone. All these operations are now possible. Today’s banks offer a wide range of payment solutions. Cybermut falls into this category. This is Crédit Mutuel’s online payment service. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about this secure payment service.

What is Cybermut?

If you’re a Crédit Mutuel customer, hearing the word ” Cybermut ” should raise a few eyebrows. Cybermut is a payment solution that has been online since 1996.

This payment solution enables Crédit Mutuel customers to make their purchases online. Thanks to Cybermut, you can carry out all these operations securely and confidentially online.

Crédit Mutuel has made the provision of secure services to its customers a priority. For this reason, the company also guarantees the protection of its customers’ data.

In concrete terms, when a customer makes a purchase on the web, all credit card data is encrypted thanks to Cybermut. In this way, customer information is protected. It also protects customers from any hackers looking for Crédit Mutuel customer banking data.

How do I subscribe to Cybermut?

Do you really want to know how to subscribe to a service that protects your banking information? This banking service is only available to customers with a Crédit Mutuel chequing or savings account. To benefit from this service, you must be a Crédit Mutuel bank customer.

For absolute security when making online payments with Cybermut, you must inform your bank advisor. Next, you’ll need to fill out a few documents to subscribe to Cybermut.

Completing these documents is an essential procedure that can be carried out directly at the branch. Those who don’t have enough time can also carry out this procedure online.

How does Cybermut work?

Want to know more about how Cybermut works? Well, it’s a perfectly natural question. When we use our credit card for online transactions, we want to be perfectly safe. In concrete terms, we hope that our transactions will be protected, as will our banking data.

Cybermut successfully secures all your online transactions with SSL(Secure Socket Layer). This is a security-enhancing protocol that works with all web browsers.

When you subscribe to Cybermut, you’ll notice that the service is automatically triggered when you make online purchases using your credit card.

When you are about to pay for your ” basket “, you will be redirected to the Cybermut page. On this page, you will be asked to enter your credit card information.

The information requested here is: the expiry date, the 16 digits of your credit card and the pictogram (the 3-digit code). After this operation, your processing will be validated by the bank.

Does Cybermut fully protect transactions?

With Cybermut, all your banking data is protected at all times. All transactions are between you and Crédit Mutuel. Your bank details are not stored on the Internet, as Cybermut encrypts your bank details.

Even the online store where you make your purchases has no access to your bank details. Cybercriminals won’t be able to access your data either.

So when you use Cybermut, you need have no fear of piracy. For the simple reason that it’s impossible for someone to steal your bank details. The SSL protocol is highly secure, leaving cybercriminals no chance.

What other features does Cybermut have?

Crédit Mutuel’s Cybermut tool goes beyond a simple online protection system. In fact, Cybermut has other very interesting features for its customers:

  • Overdraft alert: the bank alerts you immediately when you exceed your overdraft by sending you an SMS.
  • Crédit Mutuel access: you can easily access and subscribe to all Crédit Mutuel services and offers.
  • Contact your bank advisor: contacting your bank advisor and making an appointment with him or her is child’s play.
  • Personalize your account: you can make your account unique by customizing it. You can also access your account from any connected device.
  • View your transactions: at any time, you can see all the transactions carried out on your various accounts live.
  • Manage your transfers: it’s easy to manage all your transfers between your accounts and different accounts around the world.
  • Other services: if you lose your credit card, you can order a new checkbook or item.

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Alix Lebrun

Alix Lebrun

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